Oscar C - Jun 05 2021

The Best Blog in the World (about entrepreneurs, lasers, and naps)

Hello world, welcome to Hexagon Laser's blog! I hope it's educational, insightful, and at least entertaining for you to read.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy path to take, it's full of ups and downs. You often have to face as many outer challenges as inward ones. But it's incredibly fulfilling too! This is my way to start conversations about shared challenges and solutions - and to discover insights about what it takes to run a business. 

As the title implies, my blog posts will focus on 3 main subjects: 

Entrepreneurship. Starting a business is a wild ride. But the thrills and fulfilment you get from it are unmatched. I'll share stories of developing a business & how this can test your relationships. 

Lasers. Having designed and sold custom laser-cut products for 5+ years, I want to share ideas about getting organized with your shop, your calendar, your mind and your computer. Also I'll show some behind-the-scenes on how laser cutting works, preparing files + materials, and why laser-engraving food looks hilarious but tastes awful. 

Naps. Entrepreneurs know there is a TON of work to do in the early stages of their businesses, and how it's easy to pressure yourself to work long hours. Work culture tells us to work hard, and that "sleeping is for the weak". This is complete BS. It's hard to do quality work when you're struggling to stay motivated or awake. It's important to be able to vacation, meditate or just nap when you really need it!  

Of course, I'll also write about updates on my business, but I feel like subjects above need to be discussed more often. If by this point you're not sold on my blog, then you should know that I'll post as often as I can about my beagles Kiwi and Mafalda! 

Thanks for reading, cheers!

Kiwi and Mafalda, in rare moments of being still & allowing good pics to be taken. 

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