Arabesque Round Coasters - 6 Pack

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These gorgeous arabesque coasters were inspired by the intricate geometry within the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. Arabesque is a style of art where patterns, geometry, and symmetry are combined, creating stunning designs and pleasing the eye with their form.

These coasters protect your table from water damage by having an elevated pattern and lip, ensuring any small spill or moisture ring will stay on the coaster and nowhere else. They have a hand-applied clear-coat finish, making them stain-resistant. We recommend cleaning it with a damp, residue-less cloth only. Never submerge in water.

Please pick between our two color options: Chocolate-Top and Caramel-Top.


Coasters are 4 3/8" inches in diameter, and 3/8" inch in height, big enough for larger mugs and glasses.