About Us

The Entrepreneur

I'm Oscar, I grew up in Tijuana, Mexico and later graduated from UC Berkeley architecture (go Bears!). I'm passionate about all things crafting and creating. As an architect turned entrepreneur, my work is heavily influenced by my previous career but I'm committed to blaze a path of my own in this world.
There's a lot of passion & craftsmanship put into every piece. I'm constantly brainstorming & bringing creative ideas to life for my clients, seeking to evoke the beautiful song of "woah, this looks amazing!" from their mouths.

I often walk clients through the design process, and it's a mind-reading game. My goal is to develop a relationship with my clients, to get to the heart of what their true vision is, and to reach a point where I’m able to turn their ideas into reality beyond their expectations. It's fulfilling for me, and it becomes unique and personal for you!

Our Mission Statements

•  To design and create premium-quality crafts
•  To make our clients look amazing through our designs
•  To work with other entrepreneurs on our path to success


Our Mantras

CREATE ARTWORK WITH MEANING - We're dedicated to create works of art that look stunning and enhance your space. We want you to fall in love with the detail, the symmetry, and the materials that make our crafts unique. ​

PROVIDE EXCEPTIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP - We're proud to only use high-quality and durable materials. We provide professional workmanship, ensuring that your crafts will look and remain amazing for years to come.


The Business

We at Hexagon Laser love to design and create beautiful work - with lasers! We opened our small business in the Fall of 2020, during the pandemic. We use laser-engraving and laser-cutting technology, along with traditional craftsman skills. We design and manufacture everything in-house, and our business is located in San Diego, California.