If you already have a solid idea of what you need, or if you have a logo & brand materials for us to convert into amazing crafts, then we're ready to talk about your vision and your project. 

We offer a wide variety of project types: family name signs, a full merchandise line for your business, engraving a gift for a loved one, and many more: just ask!


We'll walk you through the design process

First step is to start a conversation and do some mutual fact finding. This is where you tell us about your vision, your goal, and as many details and materials that are involved. We're now on our way to turn your vision into real crafts!

We'll show you digital prototypes

We'll figure out how we can best design and produce your custom pieces, show you similar projects, and provide an estimate.

Once we have enough information, we'll produce digital renderings of your project so we can tweak and modify it until it makes you say "woah, this looks amazing!"

Once you love it, we'll get craftin'

After you give us the green light on the final design, we'll get cookin'! - After that, the final step is to pick up your jaw from the floor, a common effect of our happy clients receiving their custom goods. 

Reach out to us with your vision, let's turn your Custom Project into reality!

Contact us to craft your vision

All projects below were 100% designed and manufactured by Hexagon Laser

Use this gallery to get inspired, to help explain what you're looking for, to request specific materials or finishes, and to get excited about your custom project!

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