FAQs & Shipping

​​What's it Made Of?
All of our crafts are made of high-strength Birch layered wood,  with a finish of either premium paints, dyes or clear-coat finishes on the art side. 

​How do you Make It?
A talented artist creates the artwork manually, then we translate it into digital code that our in-house Laser Cutter and Engraver uses to to help create each unique piece. Lasers actually burn and vaporize the artwork on your craft, so It'll smell a bit like firewood when you get it. We do all of the painting, coating and detailing by hand. It's labor intensive but the finish result is both beautiful and highly durable.

Can you make me a Custom Craft?
If you're looking for one of our items in a different color or finish, we might be able to accommodate the order for a small fee. 
If you're looking for a fully custom project from scratch, We aren't offering that service - for now. We're working to provide custom crafts in the near future!

Where do you Ship?
The Contintental USA only - for now. We've recently begun our online store, so once we understand the logistics of global shipping, we'll let it be known!

Which Postal Service do you use?
We use USPS as our standard shipper. 

What's your Return Policy?
Because of the nature of small businesses making unique artisan crafts, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The only exception is if there's been a clear and provable mistake from OUR part. That being said - make sure you type your address and label info correctly before completing your order.