Terms & Conditions

Lead Time
We do our best to have every item stocked. However, if a new or regular has surprise high-demand, we'll do our best to minimize lead time.

Craft Variance
Any wood products and crafts have slight variances and we’ll do our absolute best to provide consistent work. In addition, colors displayed in a monitor will inevitably vary from the real, physical thing. Be aware that there may be a slight variance in that sense.

Payment Management
Payment will be managed by Paypal. Once you're ready to pay for your Cart, you will be sent to a Paypal page which will process and confirm your payment.

Erroneous Address
You as the client are responsible for providing us with the correct address in written form, and will be held responsible for additional shipping costs if the carrier returns the package for a faulty address. Please double-check any special details in your address (gate code, secret password, etc).

Return Policy
Because of the nature of small businesses making unique artisan crafts, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The only exception is if there's been a clear mistake from Hexagon Laser.

​Use & Care

Although our crafts can withstand some direct exposure to the elements, we recommend interior use. Clean Very Gently with a damp cloth with water only, Avoid soaking in Water, as with any wood product.