Aztec Calendar - Wall Art

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The Aztec Calendar is proof that we as humans have always been linked to the cycles of the cosmos. Understanding these cycles have always allowed us to prosper. This Calendar was used by many Mesoamerican civilizations, who developed advanced astronomical knowledge, despite not having the technology of colonizer cultures of the time. 

Each Piece is Laser-Engraved, Laser-Cut, and Hand-Finished with a Resistant Coat on the Art side. Recommended for interior use, as extended exposure of the elements may fade or alter the piece. Because each piece is made of wood, it may vary slightly from the one pictured. This is a natural result of wood having different amounts of resin, density, grain, and other aspects that affect the final texture or burn color. We do our best to keep them looking sleek and clean.

MATERIAL - Birch Layered Wood with Finish Coat. Also, adhesive Command Strips will be provided for hanging. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PROPERLY USE COMMAND STRIPS!

WEIGHT - Small Size: Less than 1 pound. // Medium Size: Between 1 and 2 pounds

SIZE - 7.5" inch diameter & 1/4" inch thick (6mm)​​​​​​​